Tamil Nadu Property Documents

    In Tamil Nadu, when you're exploring land or property details, there are some main documents that you should get to know:

  1. Encumbrance Certificate (EC): TAn Encumbrance Certificate provides the complete history of a property's registered transactions, including sales and transfers.In Tamil Nadu, an Encumbrance Certificate is used to identify any potential 'encumbrances' on the property, such as loans, claims, or double registrations. Landeed also offers Certified Copy of the EC which is a digitally signed copy of EC from the the sub registrar office.
  2. Patta/Chitta:Think of this as the land's ID card. This paper tells you who owns the land, how big it is, and its main use, like if it's for farming or building. The Patta/Chitta helps people in Tamil Nadu know all the basics about a piece of land. Landeed also provides an online Patta Transfer service to simplify the process for property owners.
  3. FMB (Field Measurement Book): This is the land's map. The FMB shows the exact boundaries and shape of the land, so there's no confusion about where it starts and ends.
  4. Guideline Value for Tamil Nadu: Before buying land, this tells you its average price. It's like checking the price tag before shopping, so you know you're paying the right amount.
  5. Town Survey records: It is similar to that of patta/chitta for the properties in urban region i.e properties located in towns. Landeed offers TSLR extract and TSLR Map
  6. Sale Deed: After any property transaction, this document becomes the official proof. It’s the final agreement between the buyer and seller, confirming the property's sale. It's like a formal receipt of the property transaction.
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